Miley Cyrus shares 'racy' warning to her family about following her on Instagram

Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 June 2021, 12:17PM

Ok Miley, we see you! 

Miley Cyrus has taken to Instagram with an interesting message to her family... 

"Probably a good time for my family to unfollow my ass... literally" with a picture of her derrière in blue lingerie. 

We'd like to think they've finally taken the hint, since it isn't the first time (and we don't think it will be the last) that Miley has posted a saucy snap. 


Earlier this year, Miley even had a DIY attempt at some Hannah Montana merch, turning a t-shirt in to a pretty darn cool crop top. 

Safe to say, she can't be tamed and why should we try! 

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