Mean Girls now has a pop-up restaurant and it is SO Fetch!

Publish Date
Monday, 7 October 2019, 9:44AM

They're really trying to make Fetch happen...

Look no further because your dreams of a Mean Girls themed restaurant have come true and it's everything you'd hope for.

Located in Santa Monica, California the popup, 'Fetch' is full of photo ops and fabulous food opens this November for three weekends only- so you better book flights quick!

Attendees can pay $45 for a 90-minute time slot to be served a three-course meal at the pop-up, which will be open on weekend dates Nov. 9-10, Nov. 16-17 and Nov. 23-24.

With menu items such as the Just Stab Caesar Salad with pink dressing, Whatever Cheese Fries with pink cheese sauce, Coach's Hot Dog with pink coleslaw as well as the Pusher Pizza and Bitch Burger with pink coleslaw, you're sure to find something you'll love.

Tickets are limited to 100 people per session, so only a lucky few 3,600 fans will get the chance to experience it.

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