Male Birth Control Pill Scrapped Because Men Can't Handle the Side Effects

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016, 10:08AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

We all know that the results of making love can be babies and not everyone wants that. 

So, people use precautions.

Most of us know the standard ones...condoms...the pill...

Or, you could watch Mean Girls and take a page from their book: 

Anyway, a lot of women have been informed of the toll that taking the pill can have on women (hell, a lot of women have experienced the downsides of it)...

Women can be hit with side effects ranging from acne to weight and libido changes, and even extremely dangerous ones like depression, clots and increased risks of cancer. The list of side effects seems endless.

Thus, women collectively rejoiced when they heard that a male contraceptive pill equivalent was in the works! Men taking the pill instead of women? YES!

In a terrible turn of events, the medical trial for the much-awaited male contraceptive pill has just been SCRAPPED.

Why, you ask? Well, 20 of the 320 men participating in the trial made reports that the side-effects of the injections (six per year) were 'unbearable'.

These side-effects included: muscle aches, pain at the site of injection, mood changes, increased libido and acne.

Wait wait wait, are these not the SAME side-effects women who are taking the pill are dealing with? And 20 men not putting up with it is enough to get the whole trial stopped!? D:

Imagine if the female contraceptive pill was canned because of the side effects? Pretty sure there'd be more than 20 people there complaining! 

The medical trial was showing great potential, with the pill having a 96% success rate, and the side-effects of the male injections were completely reversible. Nonetheless, the trial has been put off indefinitly.

All our hopes and dreams of the male contraceptive pill just crashed and burned. 

If scientists are trying to create a completely side-effectless male contraceptive pill, then we sure as hell hope they do the same for women.

Read the study's full results HERE

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