Macca's has launched a Tim Tam McFlurry we NEED it!

Publish Date
Thursday, 25 November 2021, 11:46AM

Just using our platform to protest the fact we NEEEEEED the Tim Tam McFlurry!

Hate to say it team, but we've got the short end of the stick this time. Those Aussies across the Tasman have been parading their new McDonald's treats and we're hoping our voice will be heard soon. 

The velvety soft serve will feature crunchy biscuit pieces and a smooth milk chocolate sauce drizzled all over the top. Okay we'll stop now. 

As you can imagine, Aussies have been losing their mind at the news. 

“OMG!!!WHAT THE ???? We need to find this weekend,” one eager Facebook user wrote, tagging their friend.

“Holyyyyyyyy shiiiiii,” said another, while a third added, “It’s about time.”

So please Mr Ronald McDonald NZ version, we promise to be on our best behaviour if it means these fantastic creations reach the shores of Aotearoa.

But like we often say, those Aussies are just the testing dummies so help Macca's perfect their art before we get to try it! 

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