Love Island Australia's Courtney and Noah are the latest couple to split

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 9:51AM

Urgh, what the hell is in the water at the moment! 

The news we were possibly expecting, but really didn't want is here. Courtney Stubbs and Noah Hura have officially hit the escape button on their relationship. 

Breaking the news yesterday, Courtney took to Instagram to give viewers an update on their status and ultimately give us the bad news. 

She also mentioned that the separation played a huge part in their split given they can't head across borders in Oz just yet. 

"He can't come to the Gold Coast, I can't go to Melbourne without coming home. The border closures caused quite a problem for us," Courtney told 9Entertainment.

"We had a really strong connection but being apart from each other and being as fragile as we were has made us drift apart."

Noah agreed and added, "It does suck and it is really sad because I do think we get along really well. The timing with everything at the moment is hard."

Things really started to heat up for the couple after Courtney took an interest in a villa newcomer, Jade, but then realised Noah could in fact be the one. 

Sad reacts only, please. You can stream the entire season of Love Island Australia on Neon

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