Lorde got so drunk during her filming with Seth Myers that she needed an IV drip

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Friday, 23 July 2021, 11:16AM

You ever gone so hard you needed a drip the next day?

So, if you haven't seen it yet - Lorde was hanging out with Seth Myers as part of the promo for her upcoming album Solar Power... But it appears some things didn't go to plan.

The singer has admitted that she needed some help replenishing her body after her day drinking sesh with the talk show host.

"And I had to get a very popstar thing, an IV drip" she said. 

"Someone came to my hotel and had to administer fluids to my 'corpse'," Lorde told Seth, after he text her to check in.

Meyers explained they filmed the day-drinking clip last Monday, the day before her performance on Stephen Colbert.

Check out the full interview with Seth Myers, and her rooftop performance on the Late Show above.

But next time you're hungover, work out if you are just hung over, or "Lorde hungover."


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