Kinder Surprise gets stuck in woman's vagina after proposal goes wrong...

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018, 12:14PM

Well, that was a headline we never thought we'd have to write...

A Kinder surprise has given a team of medical professionals a real surprise. 

An unnamed woman was left with a Kinder Egg stuck inside her vagina after a proposal went horribly wrong.

The woman took advantage of the leap-year tradition and popped the question to her boyfriend one February 29, according to Dr Adam Kay.

Keen to be original, the woman put an engagement ring in a Kinder Egg that she then inserted into her vagina, Dr Kay writes in his new book "This Is Going To Hurt: Confessions Of A Junior Doctor".

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She hoped that after some "finger work" her partner would retrieve the ring and she would go down on one knee, the MailOnline reported.

Yet, while inside her, the egg rotated from being horizontal to vertical, leaving it stuck.

Refusing to tell him what had happened until he agreed to be her husband, the woman popped the question anyway before rushing to hospital where Dr Kay treated her.

Dr Kay described the proposal as "equal parts unexpected, disgusting and I suppose, romantic."

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Although the woman's boyfriend tried to remove the egg from her intimate area, "no amount of shoogling from either of them would get this particular goose to lay her golden egg.

"Remarkably, she was so keen to maintain the surprise she wouldn't tell him what she'd done or why," Dr Kay added.

Once at hospital, Dr Kay managed to remove the egg with forceps and the woman is thought to have made a full recovery.