Did you know that bath bombs can do this to your vagina?

Photo: Instagram/lushcosmetics

Photo: Instagram/lushcosmetics

Basic b*tches everywhere love a good bath bomb. 

The fizzy tub accessory has gained a cult-like status thanks to cosmetics company Lush.

But is getting that perfect 'gram of the colourful swirls of bath water worth it?

Experts say you might want to think twice before dropping one in your tub, with two gynaecologists saying the chemicals in bath bombs can majorly mess with your lady bits.

Apparently, at any given time, your vagina is home to 10 to 20 types of bacteria, says gynaecologist Michael Cackovic. In a healthy vagina, these bacteria work together to maintain a pH balance between 4 to 4.5 and fight off infection.

But when you expose your nether regions to chemicals—like the ones used in bath bombs to create their sweet scents—that pH balance can get thrown off, ultimately leading to irritation, itchiness, and infection, said Jessica Shepherd, MD, director of minimally invasive gynaecology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Of course, plenty of people have soaked in the stuff and have never had a problem - which Dr. Cackovic pointed out is because the chemicals won't necessarily make their way inside your vagina.

"You're going to have some women who have vaginas that are affected by bath bombs and others who don't," Dr. Shepherd said. "At the end of the day, it's up to everyone to make their own decision based on how they feel."

Just be careful about the bath bombs you buy - but luckily some companies like Lush use natural ingredients where possible.