IKEA is coming to Sylvia Park in Auckland!

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 December 2021, 1:04PM

Aucklanders, start saving! 

If home makeovers are on the new year's resolution list, then we've got some good news for ya. 

IKEA has announced that Sylvia Park will be the location for their first-ever store in Aotearoa. 

The news comes after their original announcement over 2 years ago letting kiwi's know they can expect the Swedish furniture giants arrival. 

NZ Herald has reported that IKEA New Zealand has purchased 3.2 hectares of land from Sylvia Park for their new store, which is the equivalent of nearly 5 rugby field... Even once you take away parking space, that's still a preset big store!

There is no official opening date for the new store, but we'll be sure to keep you posted! BRB, time to measure up the lounge!

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