How to turn your long socks 'invisible'

Publish Date
Thursday, 11 July 2019, 2:43PM

How annoying is it when all your 'invisible socks' are in the wash and all you've got is long neon pink ones?

ASOS knows the struggle, and has shared their genius trick for turning your normal socks 'invisible'.

"Fashion hack alert 🚨 caught out with the wrong socks? Try this 👆Verified"

Pretty much all you need to do is pull down the sock over your toes so only the tip is still attached to your foot.

Next, wrap the top of the sock under your foot and secure it over your heel.

And that's pretty much it! Hidden pop socks that can't be seen under shoes.

The hack works best with tight, thin socks that can easily fold over and fit inside your shoes.