Low rise vs high rise: Georgia and the office girls weigh in

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Monday, 8 April 2024, 4:52PM

After trying on a viral Kmart skirt she saw on TikTok, Georgia realised the 2000s low rise is not for her.

After talking to the ZM office gals, she realised she might be alone in feeling like this.  

AS Justin Timberlake said "what goes around comes back around" and it seems low rise is no outlier. 

Some of us are CRINGING at this, including Georgia. Props to her though. She gave a low rise skirt a solid go. 

Trying on the skirt she "thought immediately no, pulled it high rise and was obsessed.

I can never have any part of my midriff hanging out like that."

Georgia is literally on the pulse of everything. From new Fix & Fogg flavours to wholesome run clubs to house renos check her out on Insty

 In a bid to see if she was alone gals from the ZM office chimed in:  

Pixie said, "I'm a big advocate for the low rise, I feel I could be out numbered here. The lower on the hips the better. I HATE high rise I don't dabble at all, it makes me feel restricted." 

FVH's producer Shannon said  "I wouldn't touch it with my little toe."

Hahaha BIG MOOD. 

She adds, "I need layers of sucking me in. I'll wear jeans with little chub rub shorts. Right now I've got a high rise skirt up to my bra line, under a shirt. there is no skin showing. I hate it." 

 "Honestly, I get it. I love the Y2K look but it's not for me, Kaitlyn said.

"I just need my jeans all the way up like a granddad so I'm comfortable and ready to rock around. Sweet I'm in there and everything feels secure."

Shannon spoke for us all when she said "It feels like everthing is gonna fall off if I wear low rise." 

Okay if we wear our skirts and jeans low, what about the g banger? 

Whale tale it up in the office. Really take casual Friday to another level. 

Hit us up on FB and let us know where you sit on the Low Rise vs High Vise debate 👖💛

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