How to have a more eco-friendly Christmas!

We're all trying to help the planet and be a little more eco-friendly...

So how can you be more eco-friendly when it comes to Christmas?

We've got a few top tips when it comes to being a little more conscious this Xmas!

Wrapping Christmas Presents

A lot of the time, the wrapping paper we use creates so much waste, and sometimes it can't even be recycled. Keep your impact down by gifting presents wrapped in alternative materials such as scarves from your local op shop, or newspaper and brown paper.

If the presents are food, opt for beeswax wraps instead of plastic wraps!

Christmas Trees

This year, don't buy that new plastic tree. If you're trying to reduce your footprint, opt to use that tree you've had for a few years and spruce it up with decorations. This will avoid more plastic heading to landfill!

Or, buy a real tree! Head down to your local Christmas Tree farm and buy a beautiful real tree to sit in your home. Once Christmas is over, you can take the tree to be recycled, or leave it in your garden to decompose. 


It's time to get crafty! Making your own decorations will not only be a fun time, but it will also ensure that the decorations will last longer than just one year. 

Using wood ornaments over plastic will make sure you can enjoy the decor for years to come, and give a rustic vibe to the space!


Who doesn't love giving the gift of a candle? When shopping this year, choose soy or beeswax candles as they play less of an impact on pollution!

Other ideas for eco presents- plants for the friend who loves nature, a KeepCup for the coffee-lover in your life, or a reusable glass bottle for that thirsty b*tch in your life!


Lighting up your house or even just your room? Think about switching to LED lights this year, as they use an average of 75 percent less energy and can last up to 25 times longer. Not only will you save energy, but also money off of your bill! 


Now go out and have a merry, eco christmas!


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