Harry Styles' new perfumes inspired by sexy times

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Thursday, 24 August 2023, 10:00AM

Harry Styles is dropping his own line of perfumes that are kinda spicy 🌶️ if you catch our drift.

Taking notes from Goop's queen, Gwyneth Paltrow, these scents are inspired from those intimate, real close moments.

The names are like, totally aesthetic too - Rivulets, Closeness, and Bright, Hot. They're all part of Harry's lifestyle brand called Pleasing. Oh, and guess what? He's got Paltrow's old designer, Shaun Kearney, running the show now.

Someone spilled to the Sunday Mirror that you just gotta read the scent descriptions to see Shaun's influence. Closeness is described as "a whispered 'yes', skin on skin", and Rivulets is like that electric vibe you get from a random awesome encounter.

Meanwhile, it was revealed last month that Styles’ Love on Tour concert series raised US$6.5 million (NZ$10.9m) for charity.

The former One Direction star recently played the 173rd and final date of the near-three-year tour at Italy’s RCF Arena, and data revealed he performed to 5.04 million fans in North and South America, Australia, the UK and Europe during the fourth-highest-grossing tour of all time.

The tour was a total win-win. Loads of charities got a piece of the pie, including big names like Planned Parenthood, Black Voters Matter, and Save the Children.

Harry did some real good by getting over 54k peeps registered to vote. How? He collabed with HeadCount and tempted fans with an invite to his bomb Harryween party in LA.

What a legend! 🔥👑


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