NZ's most sexiest, kinkiest & vanilla regions revealed!

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Thursday, 17 August 2023, 4:56PM

Last year The fine AF Queenstown took out the top spot for NZ's sexiest city- proving they are as adventurous behind closed doors as they are in the great outdoors.

But this year, things have changed.

Super City Auckland won Love Honey’s award for the Sexiest City and easily spent the most on sex toy products - pop off AKL!

Kiwis purchased enough sex toys last year to build 9.8 Sky Towers. If only someone had added that extra dildo to their cart it could have been 10

Kinkiest Region

One thing that’s clear from this sexy map is that it seems Kiwis have a bit of a thing for kink, especially in Canterbury. Winning Love Honey’s Kinkiest Region Award for purchasing the most BDSM products and sex machines, the region that stretches all the way from Timaru to Kaikōura is also a major fan of toys that focus on male pleasure.

Most Vanilla

And while the country appears to be thriving in its sexual positivity era, there is one region that may not have reached that point yet. The West Coast.

Landing the Vanilla Award, the South Island region was found to buy the smallest amount of adult toy products.

Article first published on NZ Herald and republished here with permission. 

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