Guy Launches Search For 'Cinderella' After She Left Her Shoe in A Taxi

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 11:29AM
Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

There aren't many fairy tales these days but this Prince Charming is giving it a shot. 

32-year-old Jay Breen from South London used a taxi-sharing app to cut back costs from the airport.

He shared the cab with a stunner and had an awesome chat but failed to seal the deal by asking for her number.

But then he noticed her lone shoe left in the back. We were wondering how you lose a shoe without noticing but then we realised it probably fell out of her bag.

Since then, the modern-day Prince Charming, Jay, has taken to Twitter to try and locate the girl of his dreams. 

The company behind the taxi app, meanwhile, has got involved in an attempt to move things along, tweeting:

Speaking to The Sun about his chance encounter, Jay said:

"She's really gorgeous, and she pretty much filled the cab with energy that I've not experienced in a long time.

"I'd really like to find her."