Georgia just won $50,000 with ZM's Secret Sound!

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 11:28AM

Who knew an umbrella could change someone's life?!

Georgia won $50,000 when she correctly guessed Soundkeeper Els sound was a BLUNT umbrella opening! 

When asked what she would do with the $50,000 prize, the Hawke's Bay Mother said; "It's would change my entire life. It would start my career off as a painter, I'm in my honours year at the moment."

"I have a four year old daughter, I'm a sole parent, so it would just be absolutely incredible".

And luckily enough for Georgia, that BLUNT umbrella just won her $50,000.

And our novelty check isn't the only paper Georgia will be receiving this week, as she plans to graduate her Honours on Friday.

Congratulations to Georgia!!

You can find out how all the clues linked to the Secret Sound HERE.

ZM's $50,000 Secret Sound thanks to Star streaming now on Disney Plus.

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