Soundkeeper Els Explains The Secret Sound Clues!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 8:31AM

Couldn't connect the dots with all those tricky clues? Here's Els breakdown of each clue and how it related to the sound!

Clue 1: GREIG 
A: Greig Brebner is the inventor of the BLUNT umbrella 


Clue 2: Roses are red violets are blue I need you hand here is your clue  
A: You hold an umbrella with your hand 


Clue 3: Stuck in level 3? Don’t worry Auckland, you’re still in play 
A: Aucklanders went into level 3 lockdown and were stuck at home but were still able to play because most households have the secret sound item, an umbrella 


The next 5 clues were connected the first letter of every main word 
Clue 4: Big sky pilot – 00:06:42  “Bride” 
Clue 5: Doll Face Homebody – 00:18:18  “Leave” 
Clue 6: The Proposal – 01:18:13 “Untied”  
Clue 7: Titanic – 03:04:16 – ‘Image of a Necklace 
Clue 8: Die Hard – 01:22:38 – “Tonight” 

Main words first letters all together spell BLUNT – Blunt Umbrellas 




Clue 9: QR code to a TikTok post to an additional component of the Secret Sound 


Clue 10: Jackpot clue – image is a rainbow into gold – ‘Rain'bow is the clue about umbrella 


Secret Sound is in this video – Els is holding a ZM sign, man walks past with an umbrella 


Clue 11: iHeartradio Clue – 1, 3, 2 + extra sound component 

All together the sound needs to be played part 1, part 3, part 2 

Clue 12: HIMYM = How I Met Your Mother

A yellow umbrella is the object originally owned by 'The Mother' and is seen throughout the show as a connecting plot point in the story. (And in their imagery!)