FYI this is the most popular food to eat post-sex

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Monday, 21 August 2017, 3:36PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

So you've just finished a wee rendezvous with your significant other, but what's for dessert?! (if you know what we mean...)

If you're not actually sure what we mean, we're talking about food. What's the best snack to have after sex?

According to new research from Yelp, pizza is the most popular food to eat right after 'cuddling', followed by pasta and tacos.

Yelp surveyed 2,000 single American millennials about their food preferences after sex. We recognise the sample size is relatively small in the big scheme of things, but the results do make sense! 

However, the survey only looked at singles, so pizza is the preferred choice after 'casual sex'. We're not sure what couples prefer yet! did their own poll and found a similar result, too!