FYI this is how often women think about sex

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Monday, 19 June 2017, 3:59PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

A popular opinion of society is that men have a big sex drive, but what about the women that like to get down and dirty?!

Books like 50 Shades of Grey have made society more aware of woman's needs. 

A recent study has proved that woman are very interested in sex too, as the psychologists at Ohio University have found that women think about sex an average of 18.6 times a day.

That's about every 50 minutes in awake hours.

In contrast, men thought about sex on average every 28 minutes.

The participates in the study were asked to record every time they thought about sex, food and sleep every day.

Women thought about food every 62 minutes and sleep every 72 minutes.

Men thought about food every 38 minutes and sleep every 33 minutes.

The study also found that 59 percent of women regularly fantasise about sex with their ex, compared to 48 percent in men.