FVH Silly Little Poll: Is it okay to snack on your groceries before you pay?

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Tuesday, 29 August 2023, 10:20AM

Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley' silly little poll delved into snacking at the supermarket & the results were surprising... 

16 per cent of ya said you'd snack & shop, while 84 per cent are a heck no.

It’s likely because many of us, like Fletch, can’t cope with the embarrassment.

“I feel like you would get judgment walking around the supermarket eating something. Like, I’ve seen people do it and I’m like, ugh"

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And what happens when you get to the checkout? “What if your card declines and you’re putting through a bunch of empty packets and you’re like, ‘Oh, I need to ring my dad?’” asked Hayley.

Many peeps who voted yes are parents who are trying to keep their kids entertained while they shop. 

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But others took a hard stance against the practice, with one responding, “It isn’t yours to eat until you’ve paid for it!”

“Sometimes I’ll grab a drink and go through the checkout and back in so I can start drinking it,” one person admitted.

But as Vaughan noted, “That’s going to be harder to explain when you’re drinking and you chuck it in the bin and don’t pay for it on the second round than it would be to just drink on the way around and scan the drink at the end, right?”

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