Fred again.. is getting the full Welly Pub experience!

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Friday, 22 March 2024, 9:39AM

Fred again.. is surprising us again, and again. 😍

After a surprise tour of East Australia Fred again... is in Wellington — again. He first came to the Capital city in 2023 for a last-minute gig at Shed 6. A sell-out event, of course. 

While in Welly he hit up a pub quiz. He proved his handy with any board boasting the fun he had with locals on his Instagram. ♟️

Now, 14 months later, he met with them again. We’re about to the band back together,” Fred posted on his IG story. “And by band I mean the Wellington locals quiz team at nowhere other than the Welsh Dragon - ‘the only Welsh pub in the Southern Hemisphere’.” 🎲

Fred Again's Stories from his Pub Quiz in NZ last year...

Tonight (Friday, 22nd of March 2024) he's got his sight on the city's shores, bringing his euphoric set to Waitangi Park - the iconic outdoor venue next to Te Papa.

For Fred Again.. Play ZM!

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