Kiera Brodie has changed the Fred again.. ticket mania!

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Friday, 22 March 2024, 4:21PM
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With all the buzz around Fred again.. tickets, one fan had an idea on how to use all this hype and turn it into a way to give back!

After Kiera Brodie managed to score herself and a friend 2x tickets to Fred's Wellington show, a mate of hers also purchased a ticket on her behalf, leaving the group of 3 with 4 tickets. 

Kiera took her spare ticket to Wellington's favourite Facebook page, Vic Deals, and listed the ticket, charity raffle style.

To enter the draw you just needed to donate $20 to either Malaghan Institute, I Am Hope, Outpawed or Donna Doolittle’s Animal Rescue and comment a screen shot of your donation 💗

The inspiration behind this came about for a few reasons. Kiera explained, "I saw so many people being scammed and ticket scalpers quadrupling the price for the event, and that combined with so many of my friends missing out made me think about who the ticket should go to."

Kiera wanted everyone to have a fair opportunity to get their hands on this ticket! "I thought it would be best to pick a name at random. That got me to thinking about the money side of things. I’m not doing the best financially, but neither are so many others, and since I’d already paid, I figured why doesn’t the money go to someone who really needs it more than me? That’s where the idea for a charity raffle sort of thing came from."

Kiera's charity raffle made over $1,540 with some people adding a few extra dollars here and there.

Fred!!! Surely you can hook Kiera up with backstage passes because of this 👀👀

Crystal was the lucky winner of Kiera's spare ticket. "I spoke on the phone to Crystal after she had won, and she sounds like a wonderful person - she was the only one in her group unable to get a ticket, and she was so lovely to speak with. I’m glad she’s coming along!"

(Crystal's day = made 🤩)

Hopefully we see more charity ticket raffles in the future thanks to Kiera!

Kiera's reasons behind the charities she chose:

I Am Hope:

"I Am Hope was for two reasons, the first being that I’ve known quite a few people who have lost the battle to mental illness, two of which very close to me, as recently as a few months ago. The second was because I work with children and have been for many years, and I know how important it is to be able to create a safe space for tamariki to express themselves and talk about their mental health. I know first hand how much it’s needed these days, I personally struggled from the age of around 12. So I Am Hope’s entire core value set are so important, and they do make such a difference."

Malaghan Institute:

"I chose Malaghan because, well, my dad likely wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the organisation. My dad has been battling Lymphoma for 18 years now, and this time last year it wasn’t looking too good. He was too unwell for a bone marrow transplant, and with their CAR-T cell therapy trials, he’s now completely in remission. It was a tough year of uncertainty, but he can’t get away from us that easily!"


"Outpawed rescue was for my cat, Toastie. He was a little rescue kitten who I’ve had now for 6 years. He’s a little rascal but has been the sweetest boy and has gotten me through some tough times."

Donna Doolittle’s Animal Rescue:

"Donna Dolittles was to pay it forward. My cat needed surgery when he was a kitten and as a uni student I couldn’t afford the almost 3000$ for his bills. The daughter of the lady that runs the charity didn’t have much, yet she still donated to help Toast’s vet bills, a kindness I still haven’t forgotten. They are on the hunt for someone to build their website at the moment, so if you know of anyone, I’m sure they’d be appreciative!"

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