Everyone's talking about this 'genius hack' for having period sex

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Thursday, 3 August 2017, 11:59AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

2017 seems to be the year of inserting things that aren't designed to go up your vagina, up your vagina. 

First, there was glitter (yup glitter!) and now some sites are advising of a 'genius hack' for period sex which involves putting a makeup sponge up your woo-hoo. 

Putting a makeup sponge up your vagina is the solution to achieving mess-free period sex apparently. 

Putting a makeup sponge in your vagina is not a genius hack for having period sex

'Just insert one (or two, if you’re attempting day-one period sex) up to your cervix and you should be good for a couple of hours,’ advises one website, Lifehacker.

‘They warm up quickly and feel just like the inside of a vagina, especially when they’re slick with….well, the various fluids that might render them slick.

‘Fingers may be able to feel them, but most penises—even condomless ones—will be none the wiser, and tongues won’t get anywhere near them.’

Apparently, this "hack" is widely used by the sex industry. 

However, you should NOT be inserting a makeup sponge up your vagina at all, as Dr Jen Gunter, noted gynaecologist and vagina expert has strongly advised against this.

Dr Gunter says that make up sponges are more commonly made of polyester foam, a material with strong links to toxic shock syndrome.

So ladies, keep those makeup sponges to your face, OK?