Chocolate expert warns against putting chocolate in the fridge

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018, 1:41PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

We're experiencing a heatwave and from this has came a great loss: chocolate.

The milky treat has succumbed to the 29-degree temperatures and we need to save the fate of our future blocks before it's too late. 

But before you run flat track to the fridge, we have news for you: the fridge is not the answer. 

Luke Owen Smith, who owns The Chocolate Bar in Wellington told Stuff that chocolate is best stored in a dark, cool and dry place, but not the fridge.

Why not the fridge? 

Chilling chocolate in a fridge made it dull, and "doesn't release the flavours", according to Owen Smith.

"But if it's too hot, then you're fridge is the only option... it's not great for chocolate."

"Extremely cold temperatures can mess with the temper as much as hot temperatures can," Owen Smith said.

Ever noticed white spots on ya choccie? That's come from the chocolate melting - which makes the cocoa butter and solids split, leaving white spots when reformed. 

But what if the fridge is your only option in these heat wave temperatures?

Well, Owen Smith says to put the chocolate in a sealed container prior to putting it in the fridge. This avoids the chocolate from absorbing any foreign flavours (AKA that mouldy onion at the back of the fridge that you're too afraid to touch).

The crucial part is allowing it to get back to room temperature before consumption.

Happy chocolate consuming ya'll!

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