Relax and rejuvenate with Whittaker's new limited edition chocolate flavours!

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 May 2022, 12:00PM

One bite at a time, treat yourself to a bit of R&R with Whittaker’s new chocolate flavours! 

If you need a sign to stop and slow down THIS IS IT! Whittaker's have designed the two flavours to capture the feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation... um this sounds like a bit of us 🙋🏽‍♀️

Relax and Refresh feature botanical extracts infused into Whittaker’s classic Creamy Milk™ chocolate.  

Refresh takes Whittaker’s famous 33% Cocoa Creamy Milk™ Chocolate and infuses it with rejuvenating Peppermint and Lavender; while Relax uses the same base mixed with the calming flavours of Passionfruit and Chamomile

To make this launch even more fabulous, Chocolate Lovers will be able to enter a draw for a share of 10,000 Airpoints™ for domestic travel, so that they can take time out for R&R anywhere in New Zealand.  

Whittaker’s Relax and Refresh 100g blocks will be available in supermarkets and independent stores nationwide from Monday 23 May for a limited time until sold out 🍫

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