Cadbury Roses has undergone a makeover and added two new flavours!

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Monday, 10 September 2018, 6:16PM

Prepare yourself, because the Cadbury Roses you know and love has undergone a drastic makeover.

You can still rely on the box of choccies as a last minute Christmas gift for Dad, it will just feature new chocolates and a different design. 

So what's changed? Firstly, shape. 

The shape of each chocolate has undergone a slight change with more decorative details and rounder, smoother shapes - making them even easier to gobble up, right

You'll also now find new flavours in your Roses box. White chocolate raspberry, the first ever white chocolate treat in the box, and a vanilla nougat option have been introduced. Nommy. 

The new white chocolate and raspberry flavour. Photo / Supplied
The new white chocolate and raspberry flavour.

Meanwhile, some favourites have had a facelift too, with the classic after dinner treat, peppermint crème, evolving into peppermint crème crunch.

But that's not the only flavour making a change, the recipe has changed for hazelnut crème crisp, Turkish delight, hazelnut swirl, caramel deluxe, classic caramel, dark mocha nougat and classic milk.

The third and final change? No more loose choccies in the box.

Those loosey-goosey wrappers have had an update following customer complaints: Instead of the old twisty foil, each piece is now sealed.

Check out the new look: