Apparently there is a hidden message in 'Love Actually' we totally missed

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Friday, 22 December 2017, 9:04AM
Photo / Love Actually

Photo / Love Actually

It's that time off year that we all sit down and have our annual Christmas viewing of Love Actually. Don't lie, you've totally seen it a sh*t load of times!

But there might have been something you missed according to one of the lead actresses.

Turns out, there's a very important subtle message in the film Martine McCutcheon who plays Natalie told Cosmopolitan. 

In a new interview, Martine explains all the jokes about her character being overweight with "a sizeable ass...huge thighs" were intentionally ridiculous. 

"Her issues weren’t real issues," she told the Cosmopolitan. "Every woman thinks there’s something wrong with them when in actual fact, they are perfect and lovely as they are. She was meant to be the embodiment of that."

She added, "You're meant to go: ''No she's not [fat], I think she's lovely!'' because that's how men think about a lot of women who constantly criticise each other and themselves."

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