Amanda Bynes will have her conservatorship ended tomorrow!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 22 March 2022, 12:13PM


Actress Amanda Bynes’ nine-year-long conservatorship is expected to be ended tomorrow, four months after Britney Spears’ high-profile conservatorship was ended. 

A key difference between Britney's and Amanda's though - with both parents or in this case conservators encouraging the end of the agreement. 

Court Judge Roger L. Lund issued a temporary ruling last week, according to the Los Angeles Times, writing “that the conservatorship is no longer required” and that “grounds for establishment of a conservatorship of the person no longer exist.”

Bynes, 36, filed to end her conservatorship of person and estate last month, an agreement which was managed by her mother Lynn.

Bynes’ parents “100 percent support her decision to end the conservatorship,” according to lawyer.

If only everything was that 'Easy-A' right? Great news Amanda! 

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