A frank and honest guide to avoiding f-boys on Tinder

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Monday, 30 July 2018, 12:09PM

Hey guys, web gal Trin here. 

Resident single gal in the ZM office and have been that way for just over a year now. 

It's not easy being single, but I think it's made 10x worse if you're dating in your early 20's... why?

F**k boys. That's why. 

They're EVERYWHERE. Especially rampant on the likes of Tinder and Bumble. 

So I'm here to help you avoid them, because no girl deserves to have a f**k boy in their life. Unless you're just keen on one night stands and casual flings, then indulge in f-boys as much as you want gal!

So... how do we know that they're a f-boy before we get our heart broken?

Here are the signs:

1. If their bios have either of the following, they're f-boys.

- "Just here for fun" (usually followed by a tongue out emoji)

- "Not here to throw you off a balcony" - yup I've actually seen this on a few Auckland boys bios and they NEED to delete that immediately. 

2. They have more than a 1:3 ratio of topless photos. 

Because they're aware of their wash-board abs, they have the knowledge that they can probably use these to get a variation of girls on rotate. Sure they may be lovely and not like that at all, but chances are slim. 

3. They first message you on a Friday or Saturday night asking you if you're out. 

Or at 1am, asking "you up?". Chances are that he's gone through all his Tinder matches copying and pasting the same message as he just wants an easy score since he's drunk. 

4. They ask for your Snapchat name early on and then message you off Snapchat only. 

Why? Because the messages disappear, duh. Plus then they might be in with a chance of getting a naughty snap or two, but you know better than to give into that right?!

The message I just want to get across here is to remember your worth. 

You may get messages like the one below (yes, it's a real message I actually received) but you need to remember that you're more than a root. 

They say you have to kiss some frogs to get to your prince, but I disagree with that sh*t. You don't need to kiss those frogs at all. You may go on crappy dates with them, but you don't need to give those frogs anything.

Wait for that prince, he'll come eventually... well that's what I'm telling myself at least. 

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