A Clueless spin-off is in the works and we're totally buggin!

Publish Date
Friday, 18 October 2019, 2:34PM

Two girls, two plaid outfits, and an entire generation of girls saying "Ugh, as if!"- now there's more to come!

Yup, don't freak out but a Clueless spin-off series is on its way and it's everything we've ever wanted.

According to E! News, the new hour-long TV adaption will be created by CBS TV studios and will be based around Cher’s bestie from the OG film, Dionne!

According to Deadline, the Clueless TV show will be “Mean Girls meets Riverdale meets a Lizzo music video”.  WOAH.

Written by Jordan Readout and Gus Hickey, the show will be set in high school and will see queen bee Cher disappear and friend Dionne step in as the most popular girl in school. 

We're heartbroken to see our gal Cher go, but we can't wait to see Dionne shine!

While the show is still in development and doesn't have a release date, we're totally butt crazy in LOVE with the idea.