11 things teens these days have never seen in their life

Publish Date
Tuesday, 2 May 2017, 2:47PM

Newsflash, we're getting old..

Without even realising it, the world is changing around us SO MUCH. There are so many 'normal' things to us, that some kids or teens will have never seen in their life.

Here's ten of our faves.. RIP. 

1. A Blockbuster membership

2. Musical books

3. These buzzy fuzzy headphones

4. Having calculators like this at school 

5. Using Kid Pix on the old school Apple Macs


6. Learning to touch type

7. Downloading music on LimeWire

8. Mr. Clippy!

9. Cellphones like this

10. Singing into the microphone on these cassette players 

11. Drinking from these sippy cups

Those were the days...