You'll Never Love Anything As Much As This Superfan Loves Rihanna

This 23-year-old carer from Malmsbury, Wiltshire - Sarah Ridge - is totally devoted to the pop singer Rihanna.

You mightn't be able to tell from a glance, but her love for the singer goes way deeper.

Sarah has covered her entire body in Rihanna tattoos.

Sarah has seven tattoos of Rihanna’s face on her body – and dozens of copies of Rihanna’s own tattoos.

Her body art has cost her around £1,000 in total.

She said: ‘My friends think it’s a weird obsession and I know my family would prefer it if my tattoos were more discreet.

‘Guys might be put off dating me, but to be honest, I’m only interested in men who are Rihanna fans anyway.

‘Ultimately, as long as I love my tattoos, that’s all that matters.

‘I have loved Rihanna for nearly 10 years, and I’ll love her forever. Some people say I’ve ruined my body, but I just laugh it off.

‘Rihanna’s face is gorgeous, so having her image on my body makes it look better in my eyes.’