You May Be Wishing For Rain On Your Wedding Day Because Of This Photo!

You'd think rain on your wedding day has great potential to ruin it. But in this case...the photo that came out of it is stunning!

Jessica and Nick Gower got married September 26 in Berrima, Australia and photographer Thomas Stewart captured this incredibly romantic shot of the couple sharing a private moment under an umbrella.

"It was very gloomy all day, and there were a few showers but nothing major," Stewart told The Huffington Post. "Then during the reception, while people were dancing, I ducked outside for some fresh air and happily found that it was raining."

"Their approach to the whole day was very relaxed so the weather wasn't an issue at all," Stewart told HuffPost. "They were keen on the idea from the start, and didn't mind at all getting wet. When I showed them the image they loved it."