What the twins who played baby Emma from 'Friends' look like now

Friends will always hold a special place in our heart as the best 90's show evvvver. 

Remember when Rachel and Ross had a little bubba, and called her Emma? Well it's been 13 years since that happened!! Um where did the time go?! 

Anyway, the little one was portrayed by identical twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon in the final two series, and the siblings look quite different to when they made their debut on the show.

Despite starring in one of the most famous TV sitcoms ever, the 13-year-old siblings haven’t been able to watch many episodes because they are too young! (Too young? We were watching Friends when we were like 10...) 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Noelle explained: “We’ve seen one full episode which was the one where Rachel’s sister babysits.”

They admitted they'll be watching all 10 seasons of the sitcom when they are allowed.