This Woman Makes Money By Looking Like Taylor Swift

Rose Nicholas, 23, is regularly mobbed by fans mistaking her for Taylor Swift.

And now the retail worker from Chester has told how she's making up to £400-a-time impersonating the Shake It Off singer at events.

Rose said she was 17 years old when friends first noticed her remarkable likeness to the world-famous hitmaker.

'I went to work and travel in the USA for four months and that’s when it really blew up for me.

'Taylor’s hit album Red had come out recently and now, not a day went by where I didn't hear the singer’s name,' Rose recalled.

'I got a job in a summer camp and all the kids were convinced I was Taylor Swift.'

Rose then did a Taylor-inspired photoshoot for a friend and it went viral. 

'Virtually overnight, I was getting calls from other photographers and offers from lookalike agencies wanting to sign me up as a lookalike.'

By December 2013, Rose had scored a contract with Costello Entertainments as a Taylor Swift lookalike and was being hired for appearances as the star’s doppelganger.

And with at least one job a month, she has raked in nearly £10,000 since starting her career as a lookalike.