This Bride Took Her Own Wedding Photos

Photographer Liisa Luts and her husband planned a very laid-back wedding, only inviting the people closest to them and they decided to make an unusual decision.

Luts decided she would take all the wedding photos herself. 

"It wasn’t inconvenient or didn’t take any attention away from the day itself," Luts told A Plus. "I just snapped some pictures now and then. Nothing was planned and nothing was staged. Everything was captured on the second and as honestly as possible. I really like the result because it makes it possible to relive the day just as it was."

She said the light was “challenging”, because it was quite a cloudy day, but she just took the pictures without worrying too much about it.

Luts said she’s had lots of positive feedback: “It’s nice to hear people say it’s simple and authentic and [a] really lovely and creative idea.”

“I think that everyone should make their own decisions whether to get married at all, how to celebrate that day if they do, and all other aspects in life, too.”