PHOTOS: What Rachel’s Toyboy Tag from Friends Looks Like Now

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE that Rachel ended up with Ross, but if she was to end up with anyone else, we would choose Tag in a heartbeat. 

If you watched Friends then you will definitely remember Tag Jones; the a beautiful, sensitive, puppy dog-eyed man who worked as her office assistant.

However it didn’t work out in the end because Jennifer Aniston’s character decided Tag – played by Eddie Cahill – was too young for her, a move which was triggered by her 30th birthday.

Now that our fav sitcom is long over, Eddie is now 38-years-old, and is still in the acting game.

Since 2004, has been melting more hearts in two hit CBS shows. He played a troubled drunk Sam Verdreaux in the Stephen King TV adaptation Under The Dome, which ended last year.

Before that he had a lead role as ‘charismatic’ detective Don Flack in CSI: NY alongside Gary Sinise.