Don't get us wrong, we LOVE that Rachel ended up with Ross, but if she was to end up with anyone else, we would choose Tag in a heartbeat. 

If you watched Friends then you will definitely remember Tag Jones; the a beautiful, sensitive, puppy dog-eyed man who worked as her office assistant.

However it didn’t work out in the end because Jennifer Aniston’s character decided Tag – played by Eddie Cahill – was too young for her, a move which was triggered by her 30th birthday.

Now that our fav sitcom is long over, Eddie is now 38-years-old, and is still in the acting game.

Since 2004, has been melting more hearts in two hit CBS shows. He played a troubled drunk Sam Verdreaux in the Stephen King TV adaptation Under The Dome, which ended last year.

Before that he had a lead role as ‘charismatic’ detective Don Flack in CSI: NY alongside Gary Sinise.