Pensioner Makes Dodgem Into Street-Legal Car

69-year-old Tom Evans used to run a fairground. He spotted this little dodgem on Ebay two years ago but it soon disappeared. It appeared under his Christmas tree soon after. Tom said: “My two boys and my wife went down to Northumberland and haggled with the man that had it, agreed a price and fetched it home.

The tiny car has working lights, indicators, a petrol gauge and even a tax disc to prove its legality to incredulous onlookers.

“I wanted it because it looks like a dodgem car, and that’s what our family runs – dodgems. So I couldn’t pass it up. When I got it for Christmas I was over the moon.”

The car can dodge through traffic at a top speed of 75mph but Tom likes to keep it at a tranquil 45mph.

His granddaughter Dior even loves to go through McDonald’s drive through in the glittering car!