Liquid "Cake Shakes" Are Our New Obsession!

We previously showed you "Freakshow Milkshakes" and now if you're a sweet treat lover, you'll be so keen to try a Cake Shake at Belle Saveur Patisserie Cafe in Sydney.

They're made with deconstructed cake ingredients and are the brainchild of Apprentice pastry chef Sophie Zipparo and patisserie owner, Justin Baker. Described as the 'liquid version' of their scrumptious cakes.

The Penrith patisserie has shot to fame after launching the delectable shakes, which include ingredients such as chocolate, caramel, cream, toffee shards, caramelised banana - and a curly wurly! (And that's just the Banana Bang cake shake, a liquid version of their Banana Caramel Charlotte Cake.

“I approached my boss to see if he wanted to jump on board with the milkshake craze but he was hesitant because­ he didn’t want it to take away from the cake side of the business,” Sophie Zipparo told the Penrith Press.