Ghost Girl Captured Kneeling on Floor of Abandoned Asylum

This chilling image of a girl kneeling on the floor of an old mental asylum has emerged from one of Australia's most notoriously haunted places - the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in North-East Victoria.

The girl was photographed in the most infamous wing of the asylum, sitting in the darkness.

This wing is where patients were given electric shock treatments and kept in strait jackets between 1867 and 1995.

It's not the first sighting in the institution - the ghost of a male doctor and a female matron have been spotted there too.

The man who spotted the kneeling girl is Allen Tiller, who also had an experience in a wing called the "bull pen" at the asylum, which housed aggressive young people aged between 18 and 25.

He heard a door slamming, "and I audibly hear footsteps go up the hallway," he said.

He also picked up electronic voice phenomena of a couple of people saying "Get out".

Tiller, along with his partner Rayleen Kable, also had an eerie encounter at the North Kapunda Hotel in South Australia.

Kable said this was the most disturbing experience she has ever had at this notorious spot. Why? "I actually got this disgruntled spirit that said my name clearly… you just hear this spirit screaming down my recorder," Kable recalled She also experienced a disgruntled male spirit trying to attach itself to the "Hallway of Hell"… "It was definitely a male spirit, but I wouldn't say a happy male spirit."