This video of a door slamming by itself in a morgue is straight up NOPE

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Thursday, 16 March 2017, 8:48AM

We're sure that working at a morgue would be a tough job at the best of times. Considering all the, you know, dead people. 

Now imagine that job and add the fact that it's the dead of night to and it's definitely never a job we could attempt without pissing our pants a little. There's way too much potential for scary stuff to happen. 

Kind of like this video emerging from a Brazilian morgue.

It's. Unnerving. 

Like, the start of the video is scary enough. All you can see is a long dark corridor with a flickering light. And then the banging starts. 

The security guard edges closer while the door continues to slam and the light keeps flickering.

The room goes pitch black and then as the lights come on full brightness the door creepily stops.

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reaction no nope no way tracy morgan

Of course this video could be fake and tbh we are hoping it is for everyone's sake. 


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