Couple Rock Climb to the Top of Peak For Their Wedding

A Colorado couple scaled a huge peak called the Chief in British Columbia, Canada, for their wedding. Jamie Halperin, a dietician, never wanted a wedding from an early age, but she changed her mind after watching a video of friends who staged a fake climbing wedding for an adventure weddings company. Jamie's fiancé, financial advisor David Lamb, wanted a conventional wedding at first, but he changed his mind and agreed to the climbing wedding after realizing all the stress and money that went into a traditional ceremony.

On their big day, the couple strapped on their gear and followed their rock climbing guide to new heights. 2,300 feat to be exact. 

The experience was documented by photographer John Lloyd and videographer Dominic Gill.

The couple only spent £7,000 on their special day (including the cost of a wedding dress suitable for rock climbing), but their daring experience was priceless. "What we really wanted was to enjoy a day without all of the other drama that comes with weddings," said Jamie. "An enormous amount of people have said that our video made them cry and the wild part is that people who have never even met us have said that it made them cry. It really touches us to know that other people could feel the emotion and love that was present on that day, and everyday, in our lives."

Watch the video HERE