89-Year-Old Grandmother Steals the Show As Bridesmaid

When Christine Quinn got married, she knew there was one lady who was perfect to be part of her bridal party - her 89-year-old grandma.

She chose her Nana Betty (aka Elizabeth Govern) to be one her bridesmaids, alongside her sister and two friends, because she’s her best friend.

‘The decision was easy given the strength of our relationship,’ Christine explained. ‘Who doesn’t want her best friend standing beside her on her wedding day?’

Although Betty played hard to get at first – Christine had to ask her about 10 times – she eventually relented and proudly stood next to her granddaughter as she married Patrick in Pennsylvania.

She wore the same dusky purple colour as the other three bridesmaids – all in their twenties – although each had their own individual style. Nana Betty opted for delicate tulle sleeves.

And, according to Christine, her gran, who was happily married to her grandfather for more than 50 years, was the life and soul of the party.

‘Nana got on the party bus with the rest of the wedding party instead of “going home to rest” but did not tell my mom (her daughter),’ the bride told Huff Post.

‘She also danced the entire night away, including an adorable moment when she and my husband’s grandmother, Bellsie, danced together. It was amazing.’