People Are Sharing David Bowie’s Badass Mug Shot From 1976

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 January 2016, 2:59PM

These pics are the absolute essence of Bowie. The bad ass mugshots are being shared all over the internet as the sad news of the icon's death sinks in.

The black and white shots were taken almost 40 years ago in 1976, the year before Bowie released Heroes, his twelfth album.

Following a concert in March, 29-year-old Bowie was taken to a station in New York with Iggy Pop and a bodyguard and held for a few hours, in relation to cannabis possession.

According to official documents the group were freed on a $2,000 bond ‘at Bowie’s expense.’

It's also recorded that Bowie gave his real last name, Jones to police and gave 89 Oakley St., London, England as his address.

He appeared in court after the arrest where he pleaded not guilty and was freed on bond. The shots were first uncovered in 2007.

Auctioneer Gary Hess found the pictures when clearing out a retired policeman’s house. Hess later sold the photos for $2,700 (£1,856) to a massive Bowie fan on eBay.