Day 9: P in the V

Publish Date
Wednesday, 14 June 2023, 5:03AM

Content warning:  R18, Language and Sexual Material May Offend.

And just like that Morgan’s wild time at sex school has come to an end. There’s been earth humping, energetic heart f*cking, genital gazing, group masturbation, and so much more.   

Before Morgan gives her final verdict on her sex school experience, Hayley reports back on her home play with her special whip.

Morgan finally reveals what happens on the outside with Long Schlong Silver and it seems only one pussy is allowed in the bedroom as an awkward encounter at an Air Bnb unfolds. 

Does the future look rosy for Morgan and Long Schlong? Is Hayley tempted by sex school? And what next for our favourite sexologist? 

Morgan Insta: @morganthesexologist 
Hayley Insta: @hayleysproull 
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