Locals Only - Robinson ' The War On Art'

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Sunday, 2 June 2024, 4:29PM

🎨🖤 Robinson may be overseas but that doesn't stop her from releasing new music fit for the epic local lineup of tunes! 🎨🖤

'The War On Art' can be summed up in the line: "Why do they turn our dreams into business?"

This is a reflection of the music industry turning budding artists dreams into a corporate mission. The song delves deeper into the importance of artists and creatives standing their ground and not letting others take away the life that you spent so long dreaming of.


With Robinson gearing up for another year of stellar releases, and growing evermore into her complete and authentic artistry, there are many reasons to get very excited. Watch this space!

“‘The War On Art’ is the very message I have come to stand for as an artist,” explains Robinson.

“All too often, I’ve heard and experienced the horror stories that people in the creative industries go through. They’re taken advantage of, financially struggle (even with their success), are victims of power plays, are told how to act and dress in order to ‘sell’, and are treated as nothing more than a brand that must be fine-tuned.”


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