Locals Only - NO CIGAR 'Some Nights'

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Tuesday, 7 June 2022, 10:03AM

NO CIGAR are hitting us with a new chilling track 'Some Nights!' 

Tāmaki Makaurau five-piece NO CIGAR have dropped their first music of 2022, ‘Some Nights.’

Infused with infectious groove laden guitars,Some Nights’ kicks off their debut album campaign and marks a new chapter for NO CIGAR.

'Some Nights,' explores themes many can relate to, wanting to change in order to suit a partner's needs, as opposed to wanting them to change for you.

“The song is about a couple of friends of ours who live together. What started as a beautiful friendship between a straight male and a gay woman, grew into something neither had anticipated. He had become the exception to an otherwise steadfast sexual orientation - an enigma"

"I eventually decided to write a song from his perspective. The song's message is one of respect. More precisely, about respecting someone's feelings and not thinking you are entitled to try to change their mind. Even when confused, he didn't question her. Instead he just wished that sometimes he could be what she wanted.” - Willy Ferrier, vocalist

The music video is another reason to become a fan of the band, the quirky video is directed, edited and shot by the band’s guitarist Josh.

If you can’t get enough of ‘Some Nights’ you’ll be glad to hear from now until album release (September 2022), each month the band will release a new single off the record, unreal!!

Find the band on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube so you know when new music drops 😎

With plenty of new music on the horizon, NO CIGAR are set for a busy year ahead. Stay tuned! 

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