Isla Noon - I Need To Go Home

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 3:48PM

Electrifying songstress Isla Noon elevates her music to the next level with the release of her third single ‘I Need To Go Home’.

The follow up to her track ‘Talk About Us’, Isla Noon continues to solidify her unique, and highly addictive, brand of high-brow pop that is mesmerising growing audiences in New Zealand, Australia and around the world. 

‘I Need To Go Home’ transports us to a night out on the town with friends - with feelings of being out of sync with the mood of the party and that abrupt realisation, familiar to most, that it’s not your scene in the slightest. 

The lyrical journey of ‘I Need To Go Home’ captures the inner chaos of attempting to fit into the crowd whilst honouring those intense gut emotions that signal that you’re in the wrong place.

But above all, it's the storytelling and the pop groove that makes this one a real anthem. 

Check out the music video above, and make sure to follow Isla Noon on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to keep up to date with all her movements over the summer. 

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