Video: Fletch, Vaughan & Megan Find Out The Itinerary For The Family Holiday In Dubai

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015, 5:58AM
Show meeting re: Dubai family holiday

We found out yesterday that we are going to Dubai on the 19th of November (just over 2 weeks) and we have two spare seats that we want you to fill with yourselves. You can enter here -> by uploading your coolest profile picture & the story behind it. Also cast an eye on this video because it's our itinerary in Dubai so far. It's going to be one ridiculous week thanks to VisitDubai & Emirates!

Posted by ZM's Fletch, Vaughan & Megan on Monday, November 2, 2015

At the end of last week, FVM found out that they are going on a family holiday to Dubai thanks to Emirates and Dubai Tourism and taking 2 people with them! You can enter here and upload your best profile pic to go in the draw to join them. 

In this weeks show meeting, the guys found out all the incredible things they will be doing! 

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