Vaughan demonstrates his genius way for girls to pee easily outside...on Caitlin...

Publish Date
Friday, 24 March 2017, 11:15AM

Vaughan took his eldest daughter Indie for an 8.5km bike ride yesterday (UM first of all, what a LEGEND Indie is!). But whilst on the ride, he needed a bit of a bathroom break...he explained this to her and she said 'me too'.

Suddenly it dawned on both of them that Indie 'didn't know how to' go to the toilet without a, well, toilet! Vaughan had heard complaints from many females over the years about going to the toilet outside. Quotes like "multi-directional jet", "like a spa bath" and "like a sprinkler" were thrown around when talking about issues females apparently have (not sure about those, Vaughan!!) Seeming to know the issues women have, Vaughan came up with an easy way to make it happen for his daughter.

Lucky Caitlin was around to be shown how it should be done...not!

"Imagine you've got your pants down. That's the last time I'll ever say that to you, Caitlin" Vaughan said whilst trying to demonstrate his genius method. 

Indie was so impressed that she said she'd have to demonstrate the method at school, which was met by a definite NO from Vaughan!!



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